Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I want a political party that stands for these points

Muskegon needs leaders and political parties that stand for SOMETHING!

Here's my short list:

1. Smaller government at every level in our county.
Our governmental entities are simply trying to do too many things and much of what they attempt to do is done poorly and expensively.

2. Efficient allocation of all expenditures.
Our county and local governments are paying too much money for much of what they do. We demand a review of all expenditures and contracts to make them competitive with the prevailing wages and costs of our Muskegon community.

3. Accountability when public money is spent.

If money is authorized for a project we want a report that compares the promised cost and benefit with the real cost and final results.

4. Advance public input.

We want public comment for every major contract that our local governments enters into. We want the facts and the time to disseminate and understand them in advance.

5. Prioritized spending.
We want our local governmental bodies to prioritize all spending. Why is snow plowing or police protection reduced while lesser expenditures seem to grow endlessly.

6. An acknowledgement from our elected and appointed leaders that high taxes and inefficient spending will destroy our community.
The current "business plan" that more new spending ideas and more earmarks or grants trump efficient, lean government and low taxes has failed. That mindset is the main reason for the current mess that engulfs Muskegon county and the state of Michigan.

Six points that we might all agree on.