Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another County board meeting today 3:30 at County building

Another County board meeting today 3:30 at County building
Today (3-23-2010) there will be a full board meeting of the Muskegon County Commission.

Among other items I found these most interesting:

1. I'm against ANY porky funding for this type of public event but especially when our financial future is so bleak.

But look at the funding for the Heights "Festival".

Does the county board "spread the money around" to the other cities?
Or is the heights just "special"?

Either way, it ought to stop.

They've already spent us broke.

They shouldn't have the fun of spending us broker.

CD/SP1 0103 -03To approve the financial contributions be made and that the funds be utilized from the CVB's Community Promotions (902020) line item:
Muskegon Heights "Festival in the Park" -$3,000.00;
The Associationof Concert Bands 2011 National Convention Committee -$500.00;
the Miss Michigan Scholarship Pageant -$3,000.00.

2. Most every trolley I've seen was empty or mostly empty.

Has there ever been a study of ridership vs cost?

Wouldn't it be nice to see that report?

TRlO/03-12 Move to approve operation of a 2010 Trolley Route Program as proposed.

3. They "waive" just about every meeting.

Maybe we citizens ought to get an explanation?

To waive the hiring freeze and allow the Human Resources Department to fill the vacant Human Resources Analyst position #N39502 at step 1 and change the funding from 100% 1010-0226 to 75% 1010-0226 and 25% 6770-0203.

4. Wait-a-minute!

County retirees get dental benefits??!!!!

What's that cost?

Do you get retirement dental?

Gimme a break!

To approve Professional Benefits Services (PBS) for the Third Party Administration of the Muskegon County retiree dental plan from 4/1/2010 -9/30/2012 at a rate of $1.90 per line item.

5. Probably nothing here but anytime I see vague wording, I get the ginchies.

"..grant the authority to sign NECESSARY contracts....

"I'd just like a bit more info sir.....

To grant the Chairperson of the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners and the County Clerk the authority to sign necessary contracts with Web Tecs, Inc., and Ottawa County.

6. This one is minor but says volumes about our state.

They want to hire a kid and pay him about $5,700 but the worker's comp is $1,011 for this part timer!!!!!
No wonder jobs keep leaving our state.

Requested Position Class/Pos. Description WATER SYSTEM ENG AIDE/SEASONAL Requested Table/Grade/Hourly Range $850~/HR~ Salary and Wages Social Security Hospitalization Ins. Life Ins. Retirement
Worker's comp$1,011

Come on and join me in these meetings!

Every Tues and Thurs at 3:30 at the County Building.

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