Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Muskegon city commissioners leaning toward property tax hike

Muskegon city commissioners leaning toward property tax hike
 "Facing a $1.5 million deficit for the next fiscal year, Muskegon city commissioners Monday came to an apparent decision: They’ll cut the budget and approve a property tax increase.

Among the cuts: lifeguards at Pere Marquette Park, mid-block streetlights and $250,000 from the fire department’s budget, with details to be determined."

Again NO mention of reducing the big union contracts which account for 70-85% of the city budget.

Are ALL of the city of Muskegon residents fools?

AG - Summary of Michigan's FOIA,

AG - Summary of Michigan's FOIA,
Penalties for Violation of the Act:If the circuit court finds that the public body has arbitrarily and capriciously violated the Freedom of Information Act by refusal or delay in disclosing or providing copies of a public record, it may, in addition to any actual or compensatory damages, award punitive damages of $500 to the person seeking the right to inspect or receive a copy of a public record.

Good news coming soon from Muskegon county on opening up their union contracts to public review.

I'll update when it happens.

Last chance today!

Last chance to run for office or run as a precinct delegate!

4:00 at the county clerk's building.

Anyone can run for precinct delegate for either political party.

Just fill out the form, get it notarized (very easy) and get it to the clerk's office by 4:00 PM today.
If you're not involved with the elected people and parties who actually make the decisions that affect us, you are gonna keep getting the same old same old.

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