Monday, March 28, 2011

Progressive Democratic Women's Caucus's and Hansen and Hughes?

Progressive Democratic Women's Caucus's poster for their greedy union rally

This far left organization, festering in Ottawa county, is planning a rally next week to demand more of OUR money.
Nothing new in that except that they are listing GOPers Sen. Goeff Hansen and Rep. Holly Hughes as "invited speakers".

I'm sure the socialist caucusers haven't turned objectivest in the last few day so what's up with their invited speakers list?

Why not invite Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Clarence Thomas?
Now, that's diversity we can believe in!

(HT to Paula V)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pray for Sen. Goeff Hansen's son Collin, and family

"Senator Goeff Hansen's son, Collin, is currently going through tests at Mayo Clinic for stomach cancer. 
Goeff is with Collin. 
So far tests show it is very serious. 
Please say prayers for Collin, Goeff and Tami and their family. 
The doctors are to give them the results of the test tomorrow afternoon. 
We will know more then."

2011 Senate Bill 278 (Require periodic review of state regulations )

2011 Senate Bill 278 (Require periodic review of state regulations ) - Michigan Votes "Introduced by Sen. Goeff Hansen (R) on March 17, 2011, to require state agencies and relevant legislative committees to review each regulation promulgated by an agency every five years to determine whether there is any increased impact on small business since the rule was adopted or the last review, and whether the rule is still needed, duplicative, overly complex, complaint-ridden, etc." Not just an excellent bill, this type of review ought to be part of every bill! Good job Goeff!

Michigan House Fiscal Agency director to explain budget issues in Muskegon Monday March 28.

Michigan House Fiscal Agency director to explain budget issues in Muskegon Michigan House Fiscal Agency Director Mitch Bean will present Gov. Rick Snyder's 2012 budget at a town hall meeting 7 p.m. Monday Mar. 28 at Muskegon Community College."

Rep. Marcia Hovey-Wright, Rep. Joe Haveman and Rep. Holly Hughes will be in attendance.

Hughes invites local residents to office hours

MuskegonPundit: • April 22- 8-9:00 a.m. - Toast n Jam - 3462 Henry Street, Muskegon. • April 22- 1-2 p.m.- Russ’ Restaurant- 3225 Henry Street, Muskegon' Better late than never......."

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eric proved all of us wrong! How cool is that!

I did post a few screeds in support of Eric Rothoff in his quest for an appointment to our Muskegon road commission and in condemnation of the thuggish libs who opposed his appointment but...

I told Eric that he had NO chance of getting appointed to the road commission.
He had my support and  many others who thought he'd be an excellent choice but I (and everyone else) "knew" he was chasing a no win dream.
But Eric Rothoff didn't seem to listen to us "smart folks" and continued to attend county meetings, dressed in a suit.
Writing intelligent letters to The Muskegon Chronicle.
He continued to keep in contact each commissioner with his soft charm.
He never gave up.

He never succumbed to the quiet whispers "he's wasting his time".

Eric Rothoff is the classic example of how one person can change the status quo.

I've never been so happy to be so wrong!

Eric Rothoff is a Muskegon Tea party leader who was just appointed to a major citizen appointment by a majority democrat county board.

How cool is that!
Maybe I could learn something from that guy with "no hope"?

Jim Riley

Thursday, March 24, 2011

SOS - Campaign Finance Reporting Searchable Database

SOS - Campaign Finance Reporting Searchable Database

This is very helpful in finding out who donated how much to which candidate.
Give it a test run.
Try your own name.
Mine goes back to 1998.
Click on "contribution analysis":

Muskegon County's planned tour of prison is postponed

Muskegon County's planned tour of prison is postponed
The planned tour of a Muskegon prison by Muskegon County officials has been postponed by the Michigan Department of Corrections.

County commissioners, Sheriff Dean Roesler and other county staff originally were scheduled to tour the soon-to-be-vacant Muskegon Correctional Facility on Friday morning. County officials said state officials, who will lead the tour, may reschedule it for late April.

A reason was not given for the postponement.

This is weird.
They made a big deal about the "tour" at Tuesday's planning session.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yes, Muskegon Tea Party at Carmen's at 2:00 Thursday!

As always (mostly...) I will be hosting a Muskegon Tea Party chat (open to ALL) at Carmen's Cafe every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-3:20 PM. Just before each Muskegon County commission meeting.

There won't be a county commission meeting Thursday so that gets us more time to talk about the future of our county.

See you there!

(just ask anyone who works at Carmen's where we TPers are or just holler "hey, Riley"....that works!)

MuskegonPundit: Muskegon County clerk offers Saturday hours this week

MuskegonPundit: Muskegon County clerk offers Saturday hours this week

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Muskegon county census numbers

(click on image to biggify)

County commission gets it right!

Today the county commission voted to appoint Eric Rothoff to the county road commission.

You may remember the debacle last week ( ) when chairman Ken Mahoney tried a last minute switch-a-roo to sneak in a union croney but was stopped by most of the board members.

Well today, in good measure because of John Snider, Bob Scolnik and Alan Jager they did the right thing again!
And appointed a "peoples" representative to the road commission.

Kudos to John, Bob, Alan and especially Eric Rothoff for his tenacity!

I do see a bit of light at the end of our long tunnel.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Muskegon Tea Party meeting Tuesday Mar. 22, 7:00 PM Whitlow's Banquet Hall

Muskegon Tea Party Meeting Whitlow's Banquet Hall (on Airline Rd.)

EVERYONE is invited!

(Call Jim 231-557-9912 with questions)

A reason for us taxpayers to pay for electric hook-up for the rich?

There are rumors that this enviro-spending is because one of the more affluent county commissioners just bought a $40,000 Chevy Volt.

So he/she could plug in on your taxpayer dime for their free enviro-fuel.

How does that make you feel?

Who is it?

Big Muskegon County meeting tomorrow!

This is an important meeting!
Muskegon County Commissioners will meet in a "Planning Session" 1:00 tomorrow, Tuesday Mar. 22.

The meeting will be held at the old Baker College campus on Apple Ave. (near the corner of Apple and Spring St.) in the Training Center room 202.

It would be easiest to park in the lot behind the complex, just off Pine St.
Call me at 231-557-9912 if you need directions or any other info.

This is very important because chairman Mahoney requested an earlier start (1:00 rather than the usual 1:30) as they will be discussing options for a new jail (higher taxes?) and the county budget which will be in deep doo doo if the projected $1.2 million in state refunding is cut.
As is expected.
So this is a BIG TIME number crunch meeting that every Muskegon resident needs to attend.

Remember, when they operate without any citizen input, they operate for those who already have input and that's why we're broke.

Why are these "planning sessions" important?

Simply because the commissioners have chosen not to publicize these quarterly meetings.
And things get done in the dark.
They want to converse among themselves without us citizens intruding.

Well, I think we citizens ought to intrude because our leaders have driven our county to the brink of bankruptcy on their own.

Maybe we could help our commissioners avoid us all falling off this fiscal cliff?

So if you care about the direction of our county, please plan on attending.

All citizens are welcome!

I'll be at Carmen's at 12:00 if you want to meet and discuss before the meeting.

Then we'll go to the planning meeting.

There is also a full board meeting at 3:30 at the county building.
See you there!
Jim Riley

Representative Marcia Hovey-Wright is hosting a Town Hall meeting about Michigan's Budget

"Representative Marcia Hovey-Wright is hosting a Town Hall meeting about Michigan's Budget.

Monday, March 28, 7:00 p.m. at the Stevenson Center at MCC, room 1100.
Mitchell Bean, non partisan House Fiscal Agency Director will present it.
He is an expert about Michigan's budget -- information we all need to know.

Remember: knowledge is power!
Let's have a wonderful turn-out for this."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More county money to be blown away on enviro-nuttiness

this lunacy is on today's agenda:
"Approval is being requested to apply for funds from the Clean Energy Coalition to pay for the infrastructure necessary to install the electric charging stations at the Hall of Justice and South Campus in the amount of $15,000.
We will be providing a 10% match
The match will come from fund 1010-0265-93105 HOJ building fund in the amount of $1,070 and $570 will come from fund 6340-0241-931050, Johnny O. Harris building fund."

Our county "leaders" showing real vision...... 
Click to see the amazing demand for electric vehicles in the USA:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

County commission should be more open, not less

Letters: County commission should be more open, not less
"This is not about technology nor is it about adding onerous toil to an overworked staff.

It is simply another grab by the Democrat chairman of our county board, our Democrat county clerk and their supporters to hide the workings of the county commission from the public."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Muskegon County pothole complaints can be reported directly to road commission

Muskegon County pothole complaints can be reported directly to road commission
"The complaints can be made by clicking on the service requests tab on the commission’s website,, or by calling 231-788-2381, pressing 0 for the operator."

And remember, county board chairman Mahoney (D) has stalled the appointment of a new road commissioner because of his......perfidy to the taxpayers and drivers of our county.

Instead, his union handlers rule...again!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another County scam tomorrow!

The county commission is at it again.

Tomorrow they will vote another gift to their own.
This "county policy" is another scam intended to fool the taxpayers and enrich county employees at the expense of us poor mokes.

The reality is that (in this case) the employee is spending $65,400 to get something of far greater value.

Something that will be paid for (or in fact borrowed from) by future taxpayers.

IE:Our children and grandchildren.

The employee will retire now but get an extra 5 years worth of very valuable retirement benefits (starting immediately) plus free lifetime health, dental, vision benefits.

Plus the position will likely be filled so we will be essentially paying for two people to do one job.

Most county retirement plans have a sharp uptick in benefits at the end of an employees employment and this will be a very expensive jump in the obligation owed by our county.

But the really nifty part is that the commissioners have no clue what the ultimate cost will be.

One commissioner told me that it is impossible to know.

Maybe he believes that but actuaries know what these thefts will cost.

That the county commissioner would be ignorant of what actuaries do, or our county administration has chosen not to get the number or was lying to me, I can't tell.

But this gift "policy" is getting out of hand.

If you care, attend tomorrow's meeting at the county building 3:30 4th floor.

Ask these questions;

1. "how much will this 5 year purchase cost the taxpayers?"

2. when they refuse to respond "why don't you know?"

3. "what is the total cost of all the other 'purchases'?

4. "how bout the cost over the last 2 or 3 years?"

5. "how many retirees have utilized this policy over the past 5 years?

6. "Isn't this just a way for employees to boost their benefits and circumvent the real, agreed upon retirement program?

7. Isn't the county facing serious financial problems and wouldn't it be prudent to start NOW in reducing the financial burden on county citizens?

8. Or "does no one here give a crap?"


In keeping with county policy regarding purchase of MERS generic service credit, Christine Wyns, Training and Community Resources Specialist, has submitted a request for authorization to purchase 60 months generic service credit at her cost. Per the attached MERS estimated actuarial cost of additional credited service, Ms. Wyns will be responsible for payment of $65,400 (as determined by MERS on the attached Application for Additional Credited Service) to MERS prior to her date of retirement of May 01, 2011.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Muskegon County board struggles with road commission appointment

Muskegon County board struggles with road commission appointment
"County board Chairman Ken Mahoney, who is in the position to suggest the appointee for board consideration, said he was 'not comfortable' with the situation"

What board chairman was despicable!

If Mahoney was "a man of great integrity" why did he attempt to brazenly circumvent established and agreed upon policies for a purely political purpose?

If Mahoney "is a man of great integrity" why did he sneak in his agenda item and try to slip a fast one by the entire county commission?

And every citizen in the county?

His actions speak far more truth than his defender's dissembling.

Mahoney is either a fool and a tool for the big unions that have served our county so poorly.

Or he is a scheming poster boy for everything that is wrong with Muskegon county's decades old democrat controlled politics.

Our Muskegon county commission and our every citizen in our county deserves better than board chairman Mahoney.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Attempted railroad at today's county full board meeting

It should have been a dull meeting but county chairman Ken Mahoney (D) tried to pull a fast one and got caught.
A few other commissioners called it a railroad job that got derailed.
Trying to be brief:
1. There is an opening on the county road commission and only one person applied for the position.

2. Mahoney (D Montague) didn't want the only applicant so he concocted a scheme to move a big time union democrat into the open position from another spot on the road commission and then come up with another crony to fill the new "open" seat at a later date.

3. This is very unusual that a single applicant would be rejected without a rational reason and the new guy would have more years on his term and that riled most of the other county commissioners.
Not to mention the "Chicago" style nature of this railroad.

4. Commissioner Alan Jager (R) requested an explanation and after much dissembling by Mahoney, the board voted to table the scheme with Mahoney (D) and Scott Plummer (D) voting "no".

5. And Democrat chairman Mahoney kept his scheme from the official agenda so it was a big surprise to everyone ....why?
Maybe he just forgot......yeah right!
He slid it in without the commissioners, the public or the applicant having any idea of his dastardly plot.

This stealth power grab is not an unusual event and kudos to commissioner Jager and the other commissioners who put the "sunshine" brakes on this travesty.

Stay tuned for the next episode of "Mahoney-phony-baloney"! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"They're comin' again boys!"

County commission tomorrow:
Closed Session -Collective Bargaining

Secrets from us the taxpayer.
Not secret from the unions getting the money?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Great Muskegon Tea Party meeting last night!

We elected our new officers for the next year:
Susie Hughes-Chairwoman
Eric Rothoff-Vice Chairman
Tammy Jager-Treasurer
Larry Hard-Secretary
Fred Bertsch-Member-at-large

Among other things, we left with two Action Items, both encouraging all to contact, directly, our county commissioners and the county apportionment commission with questions about apportionment and general county accountability.

Call me at 616-805-2616 with questions or if you would like to join our cause.