Saturday, December 31, 2011

Republican U.S. Senate candidates gathering Wednesday in Hart

Republican U.S. Senate candidates gathering Wednesday in Hart
It's tonight (Wed. 1/4/12) at 7:00-Be there!
HART — Five of the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate are expected to be in downtown Hart on Wednesday night for a candidate roundup hosted by the Oceana Tea Party.
Great opportunity to see who our next Senator will be.
It likely will boil down to Congressman Hoekstra or the non-Hoekstra, so here's your chance to see and meet them in person.
I'll be there.
Dump Debbie!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Rick Snyder State of Change |

Rick Snyder State of Change
“Rick Snyder State of Change”

Good resource for real, positive change that will lead to real HOPE for a better Michigan.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

EyeOnMuskegon NEW time starting this Sunday!

Whoooo nellie!
The people have spoken!
You wanted more insight into how our wonderful county, cities, townships, school boards and the rest are running amuck?
Well, you got it!

We're getting an additional half hour of EyeOnMuskegon.
Starting this Sunday, Dec. 11, EyeOnMuskegon will run from 8:30-10:00am giving us a full hour and a half of community conversation.
So set your alarm folks, 8:30 every Sunday morning is BLAST OFF time for EyeOnMuskegon!

Last week we touched the ultimate third rail in politics, race and race relations.
And yes, we survived that show and we're coming back next week with more in our quest to understand racial politics in Muskegon.
It may not be fashionable to talk about what is really happening here in our community but we'll keep bringing up the important issues that affect all of here in Muskegon.
Next week Sunday, Dec. 11 EyeOnMuskegon will look at Race and justice, in Muskegon county, part 2.

On NewsTalk 1090 WKBZ, the Talk of Muskegon.

Here's the link to the YouTube of last week's show:

and links to showprep for last week and next Sunday's show:

Call in or E-mail me if you have comments or suggestions.
This is the only show that actually has a conversation with you the taxpayers about how politics really affects us here in Muskegon so listen in and give us a call.

EyeOnMuskegon showprep 12-11-2011 Hot topics/Race

Tonight 9:00pm Singing Christmas Tree on TLC channel

Tonight at 9:00pm the TLC channel will show the "Extreme Christmas Trees" episode that includes the Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree.

Extreme Christmas Trees
37 TLC: Saturday, December 10 9:00 PM

Special, House/garden Christmas
Christmas trees that are over the top.
Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2011
Future Airings:
TLC Saturday, December 10 9:00 PM
TLC Sunday, December 11 12:00 AM
TLC Saturday, December 17 8:00 PM
TLC Saturday, December 17 11:00 PM

Friday, December 9, 2011

My comments before the county commission

This was just before they voted for the three new union contracts:

"You have been elected by the public and we the electorate have entrusted you the authority and responsibility to make informed and wise decisions on our behalf.
As you all know, you will vote today to approve or disapprove 3 union contracts binding county employees and taxpayers.
And as you surely must know, the specifics of those agreements have been kept from those who will ultimately be paying the cost of these legally binding documents.
The citizens and taxpayers of our county.
So I would ask, before you vote, to inform us taxpayers and residents of Muskegon county and to answer some simple questions that I'm sure you have already asked yourselves:
How many paid days off from work, including holidays, sick days, vacation days, personal days, birthdays and any other paid leave from the work of the county will these new contacts grant?
How do the new contracts differ from the current contract in this respect?
The retirement and healthcare benefits including vision and dental for county employees have been described as Cadillac plans and are definitely far more lavish than those of private employers and local municipalities in our county.
They more resemble union agreements in Detroit's Wayne county and Flint's Genesee county rather than the balanced budget counties of Oakland or Kent county.
Do these new contracts address those unfair disparities?
Our county has made promises of secure healthcare and pensions to current and already retired employees that are estimated to be underfunded by approximately $100 million dollars .
Exactly how will these new contracts affect the county's ability to fulfill your promises to county employees without reducing services or increasing taxes?
Simply stated, how much more or less will these contracts cost the taxpayers of Muskegon county.
If it will be less, let's celebrate together.
If it will be more, please explain.
If you don't know, how can you vote on these contracts?
In short, you have a sacred responsibility to fully understand in great detail, just how these union agreements will affect the ability of the county to provided services and manage the scarce funds available.
Please assure us citizens that you have the answers and will share them with us before you vote.
Otherwise, I implore you to postpone your vote until you have fulfilled your responsibilities and know specifically what your vote would cost.
Just like you would do if it was your own money."

Letters: Consolidation: One government.; one bad idea

Letters: Consolidation: One government.; one bad idea
Consolidation is an ideology that claims smaller government by enlarging the perimeters of the area, eliminating the individual governments within those boundaries and replace them with one government.
However, this is not smaller government.
It is one government.
And contrary to the supporters' claims, one government does not mean smaller government.

Well stated!
Now that more Americans are understanding what "consolidation" really means, watch out for the new word "collaboration".
Nice new word to describe the same old power grab.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Muskegon Heights schools asks for emergency financial manager to take over the district

Muskegon Heights schools asks for emergency financial manager to take over the district
Muskegon Heights school officials will ask the state to appoint an emergency financial manager to take over operations of the district after Superintendent Dana Bryant retires at the end of this month.

MuskegonPundit: A December 7th story

MuskegonPundit: A December 7th story:
A December 7th Story
December 7, 2002

Sixty-one years ago today a young man celebrated his eighteenth birthday.
Little did he know that date, his birthday, would become "A day of infamy".

Monday, December 5, 2011

Muskegon-based Occupy protesters work to reach, educate general public

Muskegon-based Occupy protesters work to reach, educate general public (video)
Dean Vanderstelt, media representative for the new Occupy The Lakeshore, served in a similar capacity for Occupy Muskegon.
He said the two groups have different philosophies on how to occupy.

Civil war?

Occupy the Lakeshore Movement to Begin in Muskegon Church Headed by Bill Freeman

Occupy the Lakeshore Movement to Begin in Muskegon Church Headed by Bill Freeman - 1450 WHTC Holland's Hometown Station
An Occupy the Lakeshore movement is slated to begin this afternoon (Sunday Dec. 4) in Muskegon, with organizers hoping to draw upon a wide regional base for support as they draw up a list of goals and actions similar to those of other Occupy efforts nationwide.
The group will meet at the Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation, headed by Minister Bill Freeman, who is also the Chaplain of Holland’s Interfaith Congregation.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Norton Shores residents could see their sewer bill increase next year

Norton Shores residents could see their sewer bill increase next year
The City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on a proposal that would see the average resident's quarterly sewer bill increase by 4.9 percent, from $164.91 to $173.07

Michigan State Cheerleader Taken Off on Stretcher

Michigan State Cheerleader Taken Off on Stretcher
Michigan State cheerleader Taylor Young was in stable condition at a local hospital after falling on her face during a performance.
The 20-year-old junior from Twin Lake, Mich., was raised into the air and fell hard onto the court during a timeout Wednesday night when the Spartans hosted Florida State

UPDATE-she's OK!

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