Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's vote even if we don't know how much it will cost!

Next agenda for Muskegon County commission.
With my favorite below.
Call your commissioner or expect to get the same old.......and it will eventually hurt some you know.
Maybe even you or your kids or grandkids.


Attached is Bulletin #4 for the Hall of Justice renovation project. This bulletin deletes the original configuration of the second floor holding cell and reconfigures it to only be accessed from the Hall of Justice side. In addition, this bulletin makes provisions to add a stop for the west jail elevator on the second floor of the HOJ and reconfigures the law library and jury selection room to accommodate the new elevator stop. Security items such as cameras and card readers are being added to this bulletin. Some electrical items necessary to bring the elevator up to current code are also added into this bulletin.

The total cost for all this work will be $........ and will be added to a future Contract Change Order on this project. Costs for this work are being paid from the Hall of Justice renovation fund, 4130-4131.

SUGGESTED MOTION (STATE EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD APPEAR IN THE MINUTES) I move to approve the work outlined in Bulletin #4 for the Hall of Justice renovation project (RFB-1 0-1739) for a cost of $....... with the costs being paid from the Hall of Justice renovation project fu nd 4130-4131 .

This is the rest of what's on the agenda for this Thursday's county commission meeting:


Items for Consideration

WM11/01 -01 (Administration) Approve Accounts Payable WM11/01 -02 (Administration) Authorize Board Chair to Sign Amendment NO.1 to the Meinert County Park Acquisition Grant

WM11/01 -03 (Drain Commission) Approval to Reclassify Drain inspector Full Time (N28001) into 3 Drain Inspector Seasonal Positions and Authorize Drain Commissioner to Attend Summer and Winter Drain Commission Conferences

WM11/01 -04 (Hunan Resources) Award the Proposal to James T. Stokes to Provide Intensive Classroom Based Services Designed to Enhance the Life and Employability Skills of Jobseekers

WM11/01 -05 (Human Resources) Award the Proposal to Community enCompass to Provide Construction Skills Training, Workplace Readiness Training and GED Assistance

WM11/01 -06 (Public Works) Authorize Staff to Solicit Bids for the Custodial Services for the Muskegon County Facilities

WM11/01 -07 (Public Works) Approve the Work Outlined in Bulletin #4 for Hall of Justice Renovation Project

Challenge for Muskegon County Board's chairmanship falls short

Challenge for Muskegon County Board's chairmanship falls short MLive.com
"The party split on the new county board is 7-4 in favor of Democrats, although it is likely that the vote for chairman was not made strictly along party lines.
The vote was completed by secret ballot, but Derezinski, as the one making the nomination of Snider, apparently crossed over, meaning at least one Republican must have voted for Mahoney."

One Muskegon RHINO GOPer got his thirty pieces of silver in exchange for his vote.
Who sold his soul for a committee plum?

How will his sell out affect the GOPer "family"?

A couple of other observations:

1. The Snyder as vice-chair crossover votes were expected to mollify the GOPers.
I think not.

2. Citizen fired, commissioner Bill Gill never said the pledge to the flag or had hand over heart during county meetings.

My understanding is his belief that our country is a racist and unfair country precluded his participating in the Pledge during the meetings.
Gill's replacement on the board, Anthony Longmire seemed to mouth the words of the Pledge, but did not have his hand over his heart during the official Pledge.

Both are African Americans.

3. Even though 4 of the 11 commissioners are republicans, expect Mahoney to stack the committee chairs with democrats.
Business as usual in (bankrupt) Muskegon county.

Is there any wonder why our geographically blessed county is still called the mistake on the lake by those who live AND WORK outside Muskegon?

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