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Muskegon Tea Party meets Monday Feb. 28, 7:00 PM @ Whitlow's

Muskegon Tea Party Meeting MONDAY February 28th, 7pm Whitlow's Banquet Hall (on Airline Rd.)
The Tea Party Meeting for February will be held on Monday Feb 28th at 7pm.
(Call Jim 231-557-9912 with questions)

We try to have the meetings on the 4th Tuesday of the month, but we also have to work around the generosity of Whitlow's as they are donating the hall for our use, they had a banquet on our regular day, but could accommodate us on the 28th.

Meeting Agenda
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Information on Upcoming Events
* Tax Day Rally - Committee/Groups needed
* Re-Districting Muskegon County
* County Board of Commissioners

Tea Party Projects
* Petition Drive
* Community Awareness
* Candidate Recruitment
* Ideas and Suggestions

Action Group Activities
* County Commission Meetings
* Elected Officials
* Spread The Word
* Who do you know?
Comments from the group / Q&A
Meeting adjourns to meet and greet with fellow Tea Party Patriots
Hand outs will be available.

Norton Shores, Fruitport Township initiate plan to leave Muskegon Heights' water system

Norton Shores, Fruitport Township initiate plan to leave Muskegon Heights' water system
"Norton Shores and Fruitport Township have given verbal notice to Muskegon Heights that they intend to leave the Muskegon Heights-owned water system."

This sounds to me to be the first shot in a short war that will lead to the Heights finally acting like a good partner and not the thug it has been lately.
Let's hope!
And kudos to Norton Shores Mayor Gary Nelund and Fruitport Township Supervisor Brian Werschem.
Showin' some leadership dudes!

Don't Let Muskegon Apportionment Screw You

Muskegon County union contracts-the fix is in!

The fix is in.

Imagine you only had 1 week to determine how you would spend 75% of your entire budget.

And imagine that you would be locked in for 2 or 4 or even 6 years of spending. Spending that would automatically go up every year in three different ways.

Well, that's what our county commissioners have planned for the union contracts that account for 75% of all county discretionary spending.
All contracts will come due the same day and will be negotiated in secret (as always) from us taxpayers until the unions ratify them.

We then get 1 week to contact our commissioners to try to have any say in the never ending increases that have set our county on the brink of more taxes, bankruptcy or both.

And then we are locked in for the duration of the contracts.
As you can see, only 4 of the 10 current union contracts are posted on the Muskegon County website (link below)
The plan to have all county union contracts come due on the same day is already finalized.

County administrator Hammersley assured me, personally, that all the county union contracts were to be posted on the county website.That was over three months ago.
The county's link has only four contracts that are currently in force.

The other 6 contracts are expired or perhaps continuing until some date that us poor taxpayers don't understand.

But the plan to have EVERY union contract expire...and be reset on the same day is the union's holy grail!
The scheme is to have all union contracts due and re-approved on Sept. 30 2011.
 Imagine the luxury of only having to explain and atone for 80% of the county budget once every 4 or 6 years.
Rather than have contracts be examined by citizens (those who PAY for the contracts!) every 6 months or so.

Brookhaven AFSCME                          4/22/08-9/30/2010
Brookhaven LPN                                  3/9/10-9/30/2010
CMH Aide Unit                                   12/7/10-9/30/2011
County Sheriff-corrections unit              9/14/10-9/30/2011
County Sheriif-Command unit               2/6/06-12/31/2008 (the new contract was authorized on 12-21-2010...they musta just forgot to post it?)
County Sheriff-Deputy unit                    9/28/2010-9/30/2011
District Court Unit                                 6/24/2008-9/30/2010
General Employees Unit                        10/26/2010-9/30/2011
Michigan Nurses Assoc.                        8/21/2007-9/30/2010
Wastewater Professional & Clerical       11/22/2005-12/31/2008

And don't forget that sub-RINO GOPers John Snider, Bob Scolnik and Marve Engle voted FOR every one of these contracts.
Just as every one of their big union supporting democrat friends on the county board did.

More to come!

How to Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment DVD

How to Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment DVD Michigan Taxpayers Alliance
"How to Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment Workshop DVD

Learn how to appeal your property tax assessments by ordering the DVD of our Property Tax Assessment Workshop."

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