Monday, February 28, 2011

Tuesday's county meeting

Update 5:29PM:
Very little of consequence today.
The commission made some moves that saved money and listened to two women who wanted to keep the county's computers available to citizens and businesses who need them in the county building.
A bit boring but a day to see the commission working for the taxpayers.
After the meeting we all also had a nice conversation with county executive Hammersley and commissioners Scolnik and Jager.
A nifty bonus!
Interesting that chairman John Snider's Courts/Public safety committee said they do not have an agenda planned and so will not meet.

The Human Resources committee has a very interesting item but the site is down now.

I'll add more info if they open up tonight or tomorrow.
Check later on this post.
I'll be at Carmen's at 2:20 for anyone who wants to talk to an old guy who cares about our county.

Muskegon Tea Party at Carmen's downtown every Tues. and Thurs. 2:20-3:20!

It will mostly be just me, a local Muskegon Tea Party member, some friends and
Anyway, I'll be at Carmen's Cafe at 2:20 every Tuesday and Thursday before the county commission meetings at 3:30.
If you want to talk about county doings, you're invited!
Ask the management where I'm sitting or just hollar out "hey Riley"!
That'll work.
See ya there!

Redistricting meeting tonight Monday 5:30 4th floor County bldg.
Read this for more info:

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