Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Attempted railroad at today's county full board meeting

It should have been a dull meeting but county chairman Ken Mahoney (D) tried to pull a fast one and got caught.
A few other commissioners called it a railroad job that got derailed.
Trying to be brief:
1. There is an opening on the county road commission and only one person applied for the position.

2. Mahoney (D Montague) didn't want the only applicant so he concocted a scheme to move a big time union democrat into the open position from another spot on the road commission and then come up with another crony to fill the new "open" seat at a later date.

3. This is very unusual that a single applicant would be rejected without a rational reason and the new guy would have more years on his term and that riled most of the other county commissioners.
Not to mention the "Chicago" style nature of this railroad.

4. Commissioner Alan Jager (R) requested an explanation and after much dissembling by Mahoney, the board voted to table the scheme with Mahoney (D) and Scott Plummer (D) voting "no".

5. And Democrat chairman Mahoney kept his scheme from the official agenda so it was a big surprise to everyone ....why?
Maybe he just forgot......yeah right!
He slid it in without the commissioners, the public or the applicant having any idea of his dastardly plot.

This stealth power grab is not an unusual event and kudos to commissioner Jager and the other commissioners who put the "sunshine" brakes on this travesty.

Stay tuned for the next episode of "Mahoney-phony-baloney"! 

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