Friday, March 25, 2011

Eric proved all of us wrong! How cool is that!

I did post a few screeds in support of Eric Rothoff in his quest for an appointment to our Muskegon road commission and in condemnation of the thuggish libs who opposed his appointment but...

I told Eric that he had NO chance of getting appointed to the road commission.
He had my support and  many others who thought he'd be an excellent choice but I (and everyone else) "knew" he was chasing a no win dream.
But Eric Rothoff didn't seem to listen to us "smart folks" and continued to attend county meetings, dressed in a suit.
Writing intelligent letters to The Muskegon Chronicle.
He continued to keep in contact each commissioner with his soft charm.
He never gave up.

He never succumbed to the quiet whispers "he's wasting his time".

Eric Rothoff is the classic example of how one person can change the status quo.

I've never been so happy to be so wrong!

Eric Rothoff is a Muskegon Tea party leader who was just appointed to a major citizen appointment by a majority democrat county board.

How cool is that!
Maybe I could learn something from that guy with "no hope"?

Jim Riley