Monday, April 25, 2011


Another Muskegon County meeting that YOU aren't supposed to know about or attend. Tomorrow 1:00 PM at the Community Mental Health Bldg. 376 Apple. Laptops and other spenathons sure to be on the agenda...that we can't see in advance!
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New hire!

The Budget Manager submitted a letter of resignation on April 15, 2011 effective May 20. 2011. Since the retirement of the Accounting Manager in December 2010 the Budget Manager assumed the Accounting Manager responsibilities. Due to the Budget Manager resignation the Accounting Manager position will need to be filled to meet the demands of the Accounting office. A review of the job responsibilities and pay scale was conducted by the Finance and Management Services Director with the Human Resources Director to determine the appropriate placement in the County classification system. The recommendation is to reduce the pay scale ofthe position from NX00410 ($69,230 -$88,327) to NX00390 ($65,944 -$84,125).

Muskegon County employees get 58 paid days off every year!

What a county!
24 ("annual leave") + 18 ("sick leave-portable") + 4 ("personal days") + 12 ("holidays") = 58 DAYS OFF EVERY YEAR!
With pay!
For you math challenged, that's:
Almost 12 WEEKS off every year.
More than 1 day off EVERY week.
Darn near 3 months off EVERY year.
Next time you hear of a need for more money to continue "essential services", remember this-58 paid days off!.

Remember this next time you vote!
                                                                                     These 4 days were just added this year!:
                                                                                     February 3, 2011 Page 2 of2
Personal Leave
For contract years 2010/2011 only, to be used by September 30, 2011, add 4 personal days effective upon execution of the contract for employees hired prior to January 1, 2011.

County apportionment meeting Wed. May 4 9:00AM!

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