Monday, May 9, 2011

Muskegon's last chance? Tonight! Tuesday, May 10 Whitlows 7:00!

Typical election night last week:

It only took 7493 folks in our entire county of 175,000 to vote and have all of us pay more money for our county museum.
You're big on that, right?

Big union democrats Steven Keglovitz and Ben Gillette were elected to local school boards.
That'll help with the overspending, right?

And 28, 25 and ONE were the numbers of votes that decided other county elections yesterday.

Did you skip the vote?

Our county is $100 MILLION dollars in debt due to underfunded pension/healthcare costs promised to it's employees...but the money isn't there.

Someone is gonna get stung....and who do you think it's gonna be?

Well, we have a voice and we can have real CHANGE THEY WILL BELIEVE IN if we stand together.

Next Tuesday, May 10 will be our first "2nd Tuesday" meeting of the Muskegon Tea Party Action Group.
We will meet at Whitlows at 7:00 and I expect us to be done at 8:00 sharp.

Of course some of us, me included, will arrive at 6:00ish and stay after to chat but if you want a quick "action directed" meeting, come join us.

Our goal is to bring up issues that will be voted on in the next month and have a group brainstorm about how we can affect those votes.

The two biggies we will address this Tuesday are the Muskegon county apportionment committee's vote on how many county commissioners we will have for the next TEN YEARS and how much we will have to pay for them for the NEXT TEN TEARS!

And we still have an opportunity to stop the union dominated county board's plan to have ALL UNION CONTRACTS come due on the same date, Oct 1, and not be discussed for the next 3 or 4 or even 6 years.

We are $100 MILLION bucks in the hole because of outrageous union contracts and this may be our last chance to save our county from bankruptcy.

The Heights is now under state control.
We may be next.

So see you next Tuesday.
Bring a friend.
Remember, a few standing tall can change the future for all!

Jim Riley


Apportionment committee TODAY!

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