Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Muskegon County hires consultant to study sewer rates

Muskegon County hires consultant to study sewer rates MLive.com
"As is the county's rating policy, the four men rated the seven proposals without looking at the bid price."

This is classic Muskegon county at its worst.

The pubic works committee under Marve Engle scheduled a no-public-notice, last minute meeting minutes before the full board was to vote to make this contract permanent.

Most of the commissioners had no time at all to review the spending and only minutes later had to vote again to spend, spend, spend.

The drain commissioner was against it, as was the only county commissioner who gives a crud, Alan Jager.

Typical Chicago style. Ignore the low bidder. Rush the vote. Twice.

What a wonderful bid process! Rank the bid without knowing what they cost!!

My my, I'll take the new Cadillac Mr. Commissioner Engle. Price don't matter no more, do it?

And make no mistake no mistake about this "consultant's" real purpose.

They will recommend that water/sewer rate be raised.

So for $25 (and counting) the commissioners won't have to make that vote on their own. They'll just do what YOUR $25,000 (and counting) told them to do.

Folks, if you wonder why our county is in such a state of near collapse, take a good look at your county commissioners .

And look closely at the only commissioner who has the courage to tell the truth, Alan Jager.

A pox on the rest of them!

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