Thursday, September 15, 2011


A friend who owns a local family owned, small business was just told their workman's comp insurance bill was jumping by $7000 and they had to pay the added bill this month.
Is this any way to keep local employers?
Is this any way to keep local employees? 

A local restaurant owner recently told me if Obama requires that they have to provide health care to employees, he'll close the restaurant.
They just don't have the extra profit to do it.
And they're not alone.
How many small businesses in Muskegon will have to close to make the ObamaCare zealots happy? 

The new "no smoking rules have devastated many local bars and restaurants.
And these are the local businesses local leaders say they want to nourish.
I'm thinking those local "leaders" care more about their own personal power than some poor business owner struggling to survive.

I just drove past the beautiful homes on Jefferson Ave. just N of Laketon.
I'd forgotten just how beautiful that area was.
The faded glory still shows but it's clearly a neighborhood under pressure.
More an oasis than a neighborhood.

Last week Honeybunch and I rented kayaks at Putter's Creek in NM. $15 for an hour and a half.
Very easy to paddle and lots of fun.
We'll be back when the fall leaves get grand.

County board location change!!!!!!

BIG Location change!
The county board will meet at Blue Lake Township Hall today instead of the County Building.
Today transportation and community development/strategic planning committees meet.