Thursday, October 13, 2011

EyeOnMuskegon this Sunday Oct. 16-Success vs Failure?

A tale of two counties: Muskegon county vs Oakland county.

Muskegon county has $100 million in unfunded pension and healthcare promises to its workers.
The residents and businesses of our county will have to pay that debt or suffer severe cuts in services.
Or, most likely, both.

Oakland county, a far larger county, has ZERO unfunded pension and healthcare debt.
What are the leaders of Oakland county doing that our elected leaders in Muskegon county are not?

We will contrast the two counties.
Their leaders, their decisions and their finances.

My guest this Sunday is one of the architects of a fiscally sane governmental body, Tom Eaton, Oakland County Deputy Director of Human Resources 

Mr. Eaton was a featured speaker at the Mackinac Center's Issues & Ideas Forum "The Future of Unionized Government".
(video link

There is absolutely no reason our county should have enormous debt and no hope to reduce that debt.
Listen in Sunday  morning at 9:00 the hear the "secret" of balancing your county budget.

Excellent video created by an Oaklanc county leader:

Debt Clock

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