Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New jail?!!! Communication "Muskegon County Board of Commissioners" style.

New jail-New Taxes?

These "planning sessions" are important discussions about our county's future and by law must be open to the public.

The only notification of this next meeting is posted outside of the 4th floor board room in the county building.

No mention on the website.

They really don't want you to attend.

They'll be talking about the need for a new jail. And they'd just as soon you sleep in!

Next time a county commissioner tells you they value citizen input, you should know they don't really mean it.

We at EyeOnMuskegon do want you to attend and here's how.
If you have time, I'll be at Carmen's Cafe (downtown Muskegon Clay/Terrace) from 12:30-1:15 and we can chat about the upcoming planning session.

Otherwise we'll meet at the South campus training room 202, 133 E Apple at 1:30.
Call me at 231-421-4409 if you have any questions or e-mail me at

EyeOnMuskegon this Sunday-City bus service-Good deal or more money down the drain?

This Sunday, Oct. 23 we will talk about Muskegon's "MATS".
That's "Muskegon Area Transportation System".
The buses and trolleys we all see zipping around town.
The federal government spends millions on our system.
The state spends hundreds of thousands.
And Muskegon county taxpayers subsidize more hundreds of thousands to keep the system going.
Good deal or not?
My guest will be senior capitol correspondent Tom Gantert of the Mackinac Center. (
Tune in to WKBZ 1090AM this Sunday morning at 9:00 and join in our community conversation. 
Or listen on line at
Give us a call at 231-830-3109 or just sit back and listen...and learn how your taxdollars are really spent!
See you Sunday!