Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wayne County taxpayers on hook for $600M as generous pensions drain fund

Wayne County taxpayers on hook for $600M as generous pensions drain fund | Detroit Free Press |
Pension experts say plans should be close to 100% funded or on a path to reach that level.

"One of the common things that we look at are the trends and the real sustainability," said Don Fuerst, senior pension fellow at t
he American Academy of Actuaries in Washington.
"The decline from 99% down to 60% is not good. That's pretty low.

"In the private sector, if you fall below 80%, they start applying restrictions."

2012 6 26 Full board

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012-6-12 Full board-Truth in taxation hearing

Eye on Muskegon 6 10 12-Video

Important meetings Today, Tue. Jun 12!

This is an important meeting!
Muskegon County Commissioners will meet in a "Planning Session" 1:30 Tuesday Jun 12.

The meeting will be held at the old Baker College campus on Apple Ave. (near the corner of Apple and Pine St.) in the Training Center room 202. It's the building kitty corner to the county clerk's "new" temporary offices.

It would be easiest to park in the lot behind the complex, just off Pine St.
Call me at 231-421-4409 if you need directions or any other info.
This is very important because they may be talking 'bout the taxes for the jail or any other spending/hiring they don't want you to know about.
So this is a BIG TIME number crunch meeting that every Muskegon resident needs to attend.

Remember, when they operate without any citizen input, they operate for those who already have input and that's why we're broke.

Why are these "planning sessions" important?
Simply because the commissioners have chosen not to publicize these quarterly meetings.
And things get done in the dark.
They want to converse among themselves without us citizens intruding.
Well, I think we citizens ought to intrude because our leaders have driven our county to the brink of bankruptcy on their own.
Maybe we could help our commissioners avoid us all falling off this fiscal cliff?
So if you care about the direction of our county, please plan on attending.
All citizens are welcome!
I'll be at Carmen's Cafe (Jefferson & Clay) from Noon  to about 1:15 if you want to meet and discuss before the meeting.
Then we'll go to the planning meeting.
There is also a full board meeting and a public hearing on the new tax increase the commissioners want you to pay at 3:30 at the county building.
See you there!
Jim Riley

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