Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My concession e-mail to Bob Scolnik

Good win for you.
But a reminder....... I ain't going away!
See you (most) every Tuesday/Thursday!
PS: Michigan's attorney general tells me the board's little pre-meeting room is open for public attendance.
Save me a donut!

Friday, August 3, 2012

RileyForCommissioner: My response to The Muskegon Chronicle questionaire

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RileyForCommissioner: My response to The Muskegon Chronicle questionaire
Why are you running?
Last year, Governor Snyder set out his revenue sharing program tied to requirements for accountability, transparency, service consolidation, employee compensation reforms and other standards.
Almost immediately, the Muskegon county board rushed to vote on all union contracts in order keep pension and benefits at levels that would violate the governor's recommendations.
And do it before the governor's deadline.
Our county leaders skipped their own rules for a required committee meeting to publicly review the contracts and presented the contract vote to the full board with most commissioners not even seeing or reading the contracts themselves.
In other words, county commissioners trashed transparency, changed their own rules and gave up future revenue sharing in order to push through Cadillac benefit packages for every union contract.
Shortly thereafter, they included all non-union members in the same package.
And now county leaders tell us further cutbacks or tax increases are going to be necessary in the near future.
Bob Scolnik voted for every step of this scheme to violate our governor's plan for prudent governance and rush the contract vote.
I would not have done that and I would have taken my message to the public.
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