Friday, January 20, 2012

Show prep EOM-1-22-2012

Voters in 'closed' Feb. 28 presidential primary will have to publicly declare party preference

State Rep. Bob Genetski calls impaired driving arrest a 'humbling and eye-opening' experience
S.S. Badger issue causes Congress to choose sides among environment, business

Gov. Rick Snyder wants cities to save money, but how to do it?
Muskegon County residents who owe unpaid taxes struggle to keep their homes out of foreclosure

Does Muskegon County need a new jail? Tell us what you think
Muskegon County Jail replacement ranked top priority by county leadership
Cuts in federal funding threaten public health emergency response
St. Patrick's Day parade planned for downtown Muskegon

Gov. Snyder: School districts might have to show improvement, collaboration to get more state money

Gaming the primary system is wrong

MAC Legislative Update - January 20, 2012

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