Sunday, July 8, 2012

EyeOnMuskegon 7-8-2012

EyeOnMuskegon today 8:30-10:00am!

EyeOnMuskegon Sunday morning 8:30!
Learn or burn!
The Aug 7 primary election is already under way with absentee ballots being submitted every day.
If you want your vote to count for county sheriff, prosecutor or 3 of the 9 county commissioners, Aug 7 is it baby cuz the primary victors have no Nov. challengers.
Winner takes all in August!
And 6 fine folks want to become our next circuit court judge with only 2 going on after Aug. 7.
We'll have a round table discussion about these big elections with democrat up and comer Sean Mullally and Muskegon GOP vice-chairman Andy Fink.
And me Jim Riley.
So learn about which candidate deserves your important vote Sunday morning 8:30-10 at EyeOnMuskegon.
Listen on WKBZ 1090AM or check us out online at
Or catch us later in the day on the internet at

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