Thursday, November 29, 2012

Muskegon county jail meeting part 2

Jail meeting video-still coming...

....., but very slow uploading.
I do expect to post links this evening.

Time To Boycott The RNC

Irish Examiner USA: Time To Boycott The RNC
Instead of having focus groups to find out how the middle class feels about candidates and issues why not have town hall meetings organized by inner city community churches and social clubs?
How about spending some money in that community hiring help to cater and to secure these events?

Instead of depending on a tech voting program like Orca that can be easily sabotaged, why haven't they invested in human beings?
Democrats pay their 'volunteer' community organizers.
The RNC collects millions but they have no idea how to spend it.
How about spending it finding out from people like that phone woman why they hate the Republicans?
They hate us because they do not know who we are.
We have allowed others to tell our history and to distort it.

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