Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today 3:30 commissioners meet!

The big one here today is the Transportation committee and will they continue their quest to tear down the Herman Ivory bus terminal and replace it 50 yards away in the new parking ramp across from the Holiday Inn.

Big money to be spent on a multistory parking ramp, baby!

Oh yeah. It's your money.

Here's the toolkit.

3:30 at the County building.

GordoM-knows-most-would-prefer to complain-rather-than-actually-do-anything-but-our-new-President-wants-them-off-their-butts-too-who'd-of-guessed?


County commission committee meetings 1-22-2009

Community Development/Strategic Planning

Last meeting minutes:

Last meeting minutes:

"It's the SPENDING Stupid!"

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