Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big doings today County Building 3:30 p.m.

The attempt to build another parking ramp is back!
Click here for documents from the earlier scam attempt:

The Transportation Committee met on April 15, 2010; it was recommended, and I:
Move to authorize the Administrator to develop a recommended revised scope for the Muskegon Area Transit System's downtown Muskegon Transit Center project.

TRlOj04-20 Move to approve MDOT Project Authorization 2007-0264jZ2jRl with the Muskegon Area Transit System, providing for a two-year extension to complete architecture and engineering work related to a new downtown Muskegon transit center, as well as furnishings and equipment for the facility.

These "poor' airplane owners are paying less for a full year's rent at the airport than most will pay for a 6 month slip at a local marina!

Is this just another sweatheart deal in the making?
Or more of the same taxpayer subsidizing those who are connected?

TRlOj04-23 Move to approve the extension of seven (7) T~Hangar Lease Agreements at Muskegon County Airport expiring in the second quarter of 2010 as follows: Terry Grevious, $190jmonth; Scott Kelley, $190jmonth; Larry Duthler, $180jmonth; Kris Layson, $180jmonth; Jim Fishel, $170jmonth; Doug Parker, $170jmonth; and Fred Riplo, $170jmonth.

John McNally is working on this but he needs your help to get more info from the county.
Show up today to let them know we do really care about what happens at the county!

To approve the resolution establishing the 2010 equalized valuation for Muskegon County as determined and submitted by the Muskegon County Equalization Department.

More melting of the freeze from those who promised a 'hiring freeze".

To waive the hiring freeze and allow the Accounting Office to fill the vacant Accountant II position #X02003 (salary range NX00220 $20.349-$25.767/hr) at step 1.

How can we get on this list?
Yes, I know she died.
How did she run up a $7500 bill before she died?
To write off Human Resources bad debt in the Risk fund (6770) of $7,559.87 for Judith Tucker.

Monday, April 26, 2010

County board "planning session" May 4, 1:00 p.m.

C. Board Planning Session -May 4th , 1:00 p.m., Louis McMurray Conference & Transportation Center

Put this on your calender.

They will likely discuss the county commissioner's travel expenses and budget.

I'm sure some commissioners don't want you to see their past expenses or their plans for spending your tax dollars soon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

County Commission Agenda for Thursday, 4-8-2010

Maybe someone ought to ask why the county has a hiring freeze?
And what's with all the "reclassifying" of jobs?
Another secret way to create a new employee when an old position is no longer needed?
My comments are in bold.


CPS 10104 -26 (Probate Court) Approve to Reclassify Clerk II Position to Probate Court Clerk

CPS 10/04-32 (Sheriff's Office) Waive the Hiring Freeze and Allow Sheriff to Fill Vacant Deputy Position #505018
CPS 10/04-33 (Sheriff's Office) Authorize Reclassifying the Current Vacant Registered Nurse/Sheriff FT to a LPN/Sheriff PT Position


"Waive, waive,waive" the "hireing freeze!
HR10/04 -23 (Mental Health) Waive the Hiring Freeze to Allow CMH to Fill Supports Coordinator/DD Full-Time Position
HR10104 -24 (Mental Health) Waive the Hiring Freeze to Allow CMH to Fill the Vacant Employment Coordinator Assistant Position
HR10104 -25 (Mental Health) Waive the Hiring Freeze to Allow CMH to Fill the Vacant Transcriptionist Position

HR10104 -29 (Mental Health) Amend CMH FY2010 Budget and Approve Personnel Changes

This one has supporting documents on pg. 51.
It may be OK but what was the $1,500,00 (or $750,000) supposed to be spent on before this transfer?
Will we next see a new "revenue" need to fund the place we just looted?

HR10104 -30 (Mental Health) Approve an Equity Transfer from CMH Adult Benefit Waiver Reserve to the Equipment Revolving Fund:

"This is approximately $1.1 million and is deposited in the County revolving fund. This is sufficient to cover the debt retirement for most of the 25 year period; however, there will be a few years at the end of the schedule when additional fund reserve will be required, up to approximately $1 ,500,000.

CMH proposes to make an allocation from current reserves to partially fund the future shortage in the revolving fund. This will ensure fund availability through the 22nd year of the bond repayment cycle. Future transfers to this fund will be required to cover the remaining shortage.


I move to approve an equity transfer of $750,000 from the Community Mental Health Adult Benefit Waiver Reserve to the Equipment Revolving Fund (in a reserve account for Community Mental Health) to cover future debt retirement payments for the Mental Health Center building.HR10104 -30 (Mental Health) Approve an Equity Transfer from CMH Adult Benefit Waiver Reserve to the Equipment Revolving Fund"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Muskegon County Board of Commissioners

Muskegon County Board of Commissioners

The agendas are posted for the April 6 meeting.

Today's County Commission meeting items

Items for Consideration:

WM 10104 -64 (Administration) Approve Accounts Payable WM10104 -65 (Administration) Approve to Continue Collection of the Local 9-1-1 Surcharge

WM10104 -66 (Administration) Approve Transfer of Position and Funding of the Compliance Review Supervisor/CMH to Administration and Change Title to Grants Coordinator

This one looks fishey.
Why did we have a "compliance review supervisor" if we don't need one now.
Who did that person supervise?
What does a "grants coordinator" do?
Doesn't the county already have people employed to deal with grants?

WM10104 -67 (County Clerk) Waive Hiring Freeze and Allow Filling of Two Circuit Court Clerk Positions G19504 and G19505

More "waives"....

WM10/04 -68 (Finance Management/Accounting) Accept and Place on File the Single Audit Report for FY Ended 9/20/2009

This might be an interesting read!