Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today's County Commission meeting items

Items for Consideration:

WM 10104 -64 (Administration) Approve Accounts Payable WM10104 -65 (Administration) Approve to Continue Collection of the Local 9-1-1 Surcharge

WM10104 -66 (Administration) Approve Transfer of Position and Funding of the Compliance Review Supervisor/CMH to Administration and Change Title to Grants Coordinator

This one looks fishey.
Why did we have a "compliance review supervisor" if we don't need one now.
Who did that person supervise?
What does a "grants coordinator" do?
Doesn't the county already have people employed to deal with grants?

WM10104 -67 (County Clerk) Waive Hiring Freeze and Allow Filling of Two Circuit Court Clerk Positions G19504 and G19505

More "waives"....

WM10/04 -68 (Finance Management/Accounting) Accept and Place on File the Single Audit Report for FY Ended 9/20/2009

This might be an interesting read!

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