Wednesday, January 26, 2011

County planning session and full board meeting notes

First, the easy stuff.
The full board meeting was mostly dull except for my request that there be an accounting of the cost of the expanded MATS system routes last year.
And ridership numbers for those routes.
County Admin. Hammersley promised those would be forthcoming soon.
This is important because the county needs to account cost with expected benefits BEFORE they vote for more spending.
A new concept we hope to remind them to do in the future.
I'll report back.

Jim Riley addressed the Board regarding analysis of recent changes in the MATS Bus routes. Administrator Hammersley responded that the Transit Manager is monitoring this and will present quarterly reports to the Board which may be made public in about a month.

There was a bruhaha at the end as some young folks protested the county sheriff's new policy to refuse to deliver sealed envelopes to inmates.
They were fervent.
Sheriff Roesler responded.
One called his response a lie.
Blood pressure rose......
Guy with gun wins again.

Dang, this got too long.

I'll report on the planning session in a new post.

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