Monday, February 7, 2011

Commissioner Bob Scolnik delivers again!

Hey, hey!
My county commissioner,

Bob Scolnik came through with the county's elusive study that "proved" giving free laptops to commissioners, in perpetuity, is worth the money expended!

Kudos to Bob for getting the info before the vote.

And double kudos to Bob Scolnik for being the ONLY commissioner to get this info to the public!

Bob has attached an EXCEL spreadsheet that I haven't yet figured how to add to this post but I'll work on it.

Perhaps the county will add it to the agenda?

My quick reading of it suggests that "free" computers for county commissioners is a bad idea.

But I'll also remind us all that communication from us great unwashed with our representatives is important.

And not all of our representatives understand that concept.

Bob Scolnik does.

But I'll still blast him on this votes, if necessary......which is becoming more often.....

Keep Bob on the long as he keeps us on his mind.

1 comment:

Susie said...

Not free to the taxpayers, just the commissioners.

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