Friday, February 18, 2011

Group Calls For More Transparency in Redistricting

Group Calls For More Transparency in Redistricting Eyewitness News 9
"The redistricting collaborative wants any proposed map to be posted on the Internet 30 days before adoption so citizens can study it and offer their comments."Contact your county commissioner and every member on the Muskegon county redistricting board today!

Tell them you want TRANSPARENCY!

Phone calls ALWAYS get better results!
Commissioners phone numbers and districts:

Commissioner's e-mail address:

Apportionment board members:
Christina Achterhoff (R) (231) 744-2454
Steve Markel (D) 231-722-2254
Tony Tague, Prosecutor (D)
Phone: 231-724-6435
Nancy A. Waters, County Clerk (D)
Phone: 231-724-6221
Tony Moulatsiotis, Treasurer (D)
Phone: 231-724-6261

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