Monday, February 7, 2011

Muskegon county just bought Wilbrandt farms?!!!!!

Recently we have made some changes to the Muskegon County Recreation Plan.
The changes include the addition of the development of the Rotary property adjacent to Heritage Landing and the YMCA, the acquisition of parts ofthe Owassippi Boy Scout Camp property in Blue Lake Township and the acquisition of the Wilbrandt Farms in North Muskegon.
In order to be eligible for receiving grants for such projects, they must be included in the MDNRE approved Muskegon County Recreation Plan.
We need to hold a public hearing on the amended Recreation Plan to receive comments from the public. Staff requests that the Board establish a public hearing date of February 22, 2011, at the Board of Commissioners meeting.

This is a shock.
First thoughts are:
1. Where they going to get the money?
2. How much did we pay? Was it fair market?
3. How long has this been in the works?
4. What are they going to do with the land.

5. I assume that wilbrant farms paid property taxes. Who makes up the difference?
In the absence of any info from our commissioners, I say this has a smell about it.
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