Monday, June 13, 2011

Muskegon Tea Party Tuesday 7:00pm Whitlows!

Hello Muskegon Tea Party activists!

We will meet again tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:00 pm, June 14 (Flag Day!) at Whitlows.
For those who want to eat before the meeting, we will meet at 6:00 for dinner in the restaurant.

Everyone is invited.

You may have noticed that the Muskegon Tea Party conservatives have been in the Chronicle lately:

And chairwoman Susie Hughes' new facebook page "Muskegon County-board" is an amazing compendium of information.
You MUST check it out!

And that is great!
But our own little county is 100 MILLION in debt to unfunded pension and health benefits for its employees.
And the big spending left has been hard at work trying to recall the governor and many GOP Michigan reps. and senators.
And showing their strength at rallies statewide.
"Keep up the spending and more" is their cry.
If they win, your children and grandchildren will lose, big time.

Our meeting tomorrow night will focus on how WE THE PEOPLE (those who pay the bills) can bring our quest for rational spending and accountable government to those who don't know what us TeaPers are really about.
And after the regular meeting at around 8:00 is over, Susie will present easy to use pointers for those who want more help in connecting with the "social media" like facebook, twitter, M-Live and other media.

So see you Tuesday!
Come alone or bring a friend... or two!

Remember, as our lovable Captain Bertch has so often said "they don't understand we're broke"!

Jim Riley
"It's the SPENDING Stupid!"

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