Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Engage in Flagrant Acts of Citizenship

Call your representative:

Holly Hughes: (517) 373-3436
Senator Goeff Hansen 517-373-1635
Bill Huizenga (231) 722-8386

KENNETH MAHONEY (231) 894-8608
ALAN JAGER (231) 821-0368
I. JOHN SNIDER, II (231) 744-0449
JAMES DEREZINSKI (H) (231) 788-4849
MARVIN ENGLE (H) (231) 865-6116
LEWIS COLLINS (H) (231) 739-3200
SCOTT PLUMMER (H) (231) 709-8597
ANTHONY LONGMIRE (H) (231) 343-5420
RILLASTINE R. WILKINS (H) (231) 733-1581
BENJAMIN E. CROSS (H) (231) 366-4360
ROBERT SCOLNIK (H) (231) 798-2828

Sit on an "advisory board":

Described below are the various advisory boards and committees on which the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners makes citizen appointments. At the end of this summary there is a link to the application form which you can download. The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners is currently accepting applications for citizen appointments to the following:
Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee - 2 slots restaurant/catering, 1 slot-media
Community Corrections Advisory Board - 1 slot public defender
Muskegon County Building Authority - 1 slot
Solid Waste Planning - 3 slots public, 2 slots environmental, 4 slots solid waste management, 1 slot industrial, 1 slot planning, 1 slot city, 1 slot township
Please call 724-7139 if you need further information.

Get signatures for the petition.
Attend a city, township, county, school board etc. meeting and report on it.
Write a letter to The Chronicle or WL Beacon
Write a comment on a LTE in the Chronicle or Beacon.
Send a friend a link to the blogs and Facebook sites.

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