Monday, October 24, 2011

Flu Vaccinations

Last year I asked Honeybunch (a health professional) if I should get a flu shot.
She said "you idiot, you've had the flu 3 times in the last 3 years. Get a freakin' flu shot.
I got the shot and......voila!
No flu for me.
Get a shot and save money!

Flu Vaccinations: Cost
Seasonal flu shot $27
Seasonal flu mist $37
Pneumonia shot $52

Anyone can receive a seasonal flu vaccination at the public health department, however, the public health department is unable to bill Medicare or health insurance programs other than Medicaid. If you have Medicare, we recommend either getting a seasonal flu shot at your doctor's office, at a pharmacy, or through Mercy Visiting Nurse Services (VNS).

Mercy VNS 2011 community flu shot clinic schedule. ($30)
Monday through Friday
Noon until 4:30 pm

Please call (231) 724-1220 to confirm vaccine availability.

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