Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gordo's Musings

I always tip waaay more (%) for breakfast and lunch than I do at dinner. The servers work just about the same (or more!) but the total check is much less. Plus the servers seem to be more friendly. Who'd of guessed?

Do the leaders of Muskegon (city) really want folks to visit? The stop lights never seem to synchronized.
Plus all the stopping/starting because of the non-syncd lights uses more gas and pollution. I guess living "green" is for others if it involves effort on behalf of the city. Bummer!

It seems to me that the ads the USPS has run on TV and radio bleating about how tough it is to run their monopoly sort of lose credibility when they close on Columbus day.

Why do we even allow elections to happen in months other than November? Everyone knows they only have them in order to keep the vote down so the special interests can win an election they would otherwise lose.

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