Monday, October 24, 2011

MSU this morning!

Wow! I just blew off most of the morning and watched the BigTen channel replay of the MSU/Wisc football game.
So much more satisfying to see the game with a giddy smile on my face rather than the awful dread that accompanies my Spartan TV viewing over most of the last 44 years.
I did watch it on TV Sat. night but the heebie-jeebies only allowed for about 30 seconds of "happy" before the final call.
I am a season ticket holder but gave my tix away because the late start would have made it tough for me to be at my best for Sunday morning's EyeOnMuskegon radio show.
Since my guest didn't show up, it was a great call.......except I missed one of the greatest games in Spartan history....doh!
I guess the "show" rules.
If you get a chance to see it on BTC, do it.
They shortened it and it's all Spartan satisfaction.
Go Green!

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