Monday, January 9, 2012

EyeOnMuskegon radio promo for 1-15-2012 show

Promo for next week's show(1-15-2012):

"Hi, This is Jim Riley, your host of Eye On Muskegon every Sunday morning from 8:30 to 10:00.

Our Muskegon county board of commissioners started the new year off by shirking their responsibility to oversee lawsuit settlements against the county and gave up their required review of spending as long as it's under $10,000.

And when 2 commissioners said the county was rushing spending decisions, the board said fagetabout it, that's too complicated, we need more time to decide.

Next sunday morning EyeOnMuskegon will talk to commissioner Alan Jager and ask him "what the heck is going on at the county commission" on NewsTalk 1090 WKBZ, the Talk of Muskegon."


Anonymous said...

I'll be out of town so will have to catch the show on youtube.. I watched the first meeting and appriciate that Alan once again is trying to go against the flow and getting shot down or in this case pushed off to committee.. I've read minutes where Alan has voted no but stated that he was only voting no because there was not enough information to allow a vote.. Pretty scare that we only have 1 or 2 on the board that seem to have our best interests in heart. What will happen during the 2012 election when we go from 11 to 9 districts? Which board members will be competing for re-election?

Mark M

Anonymous said...


Thanks Alan Jager for continuing to push for good decissions and more transparency.

Mark M

Anonymous said...

A couple of questions for Alan that i won't be able to ask. For those of us who work full time and may want to consider running for a board position - What do you feel is the average amount of time per week that you need to spend to fulfill your obligation to the community? Do you feel that all board members are putting in the necessary time?

Mark M (again)

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