Thursday, March 1, 2012

EyeOnMuskegon this Sunday 3-4-12

EyeOnMuskegon has an excellent show planned for this Sunday March 4.
Guest host John VanWyck and I will first examine the nifty new iPads you taxpayers just bought for EVERY Muskegon county commissioner.
You, know, the iPad you don't have because they're so expensive.
Well, you bought one anyway, but you just can't use it cuz your county commissioner took it.
Next we'll interview Jack Spencer, Capitol affairs specialist for Michigan Capitol Confidential, a news service of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.
We'll focus on the outrageous $28 million (and counting) union ripoff of home daycare and healthcare providers.
This SEIU "dues skim" ought to disgust even longtime union supporters.
This Sunday 8:30-10:00 on EyeOnMuskegon, WKBZ 1090AM radio.
Also livestream on smartphones and computers at, anywhere in the galaxy!
Tune in or call in this Sunday!

link to Spencer's articles:


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