Monday, November 6, 2017

Let's see a public accounting of the current "child care fund".

(1) Jim Riley:

A friend suggested the county commissioners "may be counting their chickens before they are hatched. " 
My response:
The problem is they are using county funds to send multiple county-wide mailings and sending county employees to publicly state this is not a bait/switch. 
They assure us It is to fund NEW programs. 
Important, desperately needed programs that, if funded, will actually pay for themselves. 

The county board and all other insiders are simply lying.
They do it often.
They do it in such moronic manner that it is amazing that anyone believes anything they say or promise.
Our county is broke. 

Over $200 million in in underfunded pensions/retiree health ins. (out of a cash flow budget of $45 million/year) 
We are well on the way to becoming Wayne county. 
Name a business that has moved or expanded to Muskegon county, without public funds as the lure. 
And then make the list of companies who have moved out, expanded elsewhere or never bothered with Muskegon and brought their business to neighboring counties. 
Let's see a public accounting of the current "child care fund". 
If it's not a private slush fund, why aren't we told of all the fabulous accomplishments?
Why the silence?
Let's see their proud list of accomplishments over the 17 years of Scolnik, Snider, Mahoney, Engle and the rest.
The list of financial collapse is already written.
Vote "NO" on Tuesday!

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