Friday, February 2, 2018

5-10-2016-----The lies begin-----Muskegon to face county-wide vote on new senior services tax |

Muskegon to face county-wide vote on new senior services tax |
"...Residents will be asked to approve a 0.5 mill property tax for services to senior citizens. 
The owner of a $100,000 home would pay about $25 a year.
Money collected by the tax - an estimated $2 million a year - could be allocated to services such as 
  • home-delivered meals, 
  • homemaker/chore services, 
  • bathing and personal care, 
  • health and wellness programs, 
  • medication management, 
  • transportation, and 
  • adult day services throughout the county.

The Muskegon County Senior Wellness Committee is seeking the tax.
If approved, Muskegon County would oversee the funds while a committee could review and recommend grant proposals from appropriate agencies, according to a website promoting the tax. 
"An established fiduciary organization would monitor and evaluate the providers, ensuring quality standards and development of future needs, and report back to the community regularly on the use of the millage funding," according to the county Senior Wellness Committee..."
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