Saturday, February 5, 2011

Muskegon county board censors citizens.....again! Part 2

"Stop spending" is something our county doesn't want to hear or acknowledge!

This was my second public comment pleading with the commission:

The county commissioners chose to keep this from the official minutes.

Will this censorship be supported by our taxpayers?

Here's what I said at the commission meeting:

"Back again.

I see that Human resources needs a new operations manager and wants to give the new hire more money than the previous ops manager.

The reason given is that the job is open because the old manager took a higher paying job within the county.

Needless to say, if the county hadn't increased the pay at the new job, this job shift wouldn't have happened.

But now, and I quote "in order to attract and retain a good candidate with the necessary skills" we gotta pay more money.
No mention at all that this job has been posted and advertised with no bidders.

Well, in the real world, our real world of 15% + unemployment I'd bet a qualified person could be found at the current pay level.

Maybe even at a lower level.

This is, after all, a management position in a county with depression level unemployment.

In private business, when someone leaves for a better position, our first thought is to replace that person at the same or lower compensation.

If that doesn't work, then we look at other options.

So, I ask, you the commissioners, to reject this pay raise and tell the HR folks to work harder at getting the job done with the precious resources, our precious resources, they already have."

The result of my brilliant plea:

WM11/02 - 17 It was moved by Engle, supported by Mahoney, to authorize the salary range adjustment to the Operations Manager BPN#59901 toNX00290.
Motion Carried.

Only Jager and Snyder voted against.

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Anonymous said...

As we all know Mr. Sheen is crazy, but leave it up to Schmoyoho to turn it into a cool video.
I just heard about this myself, and after watching the entire thing, im laughing so hard im cryin.

[url=]Here is the video[/url]

Because hes got tiger blood.

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