Monday, February 7, 2011

Commissioner Bob Scolnik delivers again!

Hey, hey!
My county commissioner,

Bob Scolnik came through with the county's elusive study that "proved" giving free laptops to commissioners, in perpetuity, is worth the money expended!

Kudos to Bob for getting the info before the vote.

And double kudos to Bob Scolnik for being the ONLY commissioner to get this info to the public!

Bob has attached an EXCEL spreadsheet that I haven't yet figured how to add to this post but I'll work on it.

Perhaps the county will add it to the agenda?

My quick reading of it suggests that "free" computers for county commissioners is a bad idea.

But I'll also remind us all that communication from us great unwashed with our representatives is important.

And not all of our representatives understand that concept.

Bob Scolnik does.

But I'll still blast him on this votes, if necessary......which is becoming more often.....

Keep Bob on the long as he keeps us on his mind.

Thoughts on tomorrow's union contract

A few last minute points on the union contract to be voted on tomorrow:
 1. The union contract that will get its final vote in tomorrow's full board meeting has never been seen (much less read and understood) by any of the commissioners I've had contact with.
I suspect none have seen/read it.
2. The union contract information that has been given given to the commissioners (and us taxpayers)  is 2 pages (scroll to pg. 13-14):
Note that this "information" doesn't even compare the new contract with the old contract nor does it include any analysis as to the increase or decrease in absolute cost of the contract year over year.

NO normal business would EVER vote on an expensive contract with so little information.
We expect our representatives to do the job, do the research.
And yet, they don't seem to be doing it.

Only if we taxpayers stand tall will we get commissioners who actually read, understand and question union contracts.

Do we care?

Are minutes hiding county commission votes?

Letters: Are minutes hiding county commission votes?
"Anyway, unless we citizens attend the meetings, we have no way of finding out how our elected representatives voted on any committee vote and on many of the full board votes.

I think this a policy that only increases the suspicion of the voters that our county leaders have something to hide.

If the votes are hidden, how the heck do we make informed decisions on election day?"

A brilliant letter to the editor....heh.....

Muskegon county just bought Wilbrandt farms?!!!!!

Recently we have made some changes to the Muskegon County Recreation Plan.
The changes include the addition of the development of the Rotary property adjacent to Heritage Landing and the YMCA, the acquisition of parts ofthe Owassippi Boy Scout Camp property in Blue Lake Township and the acquisition of the Wilbrandt Farms in North Muskegon.
In order to be eligible for receiving grants for such projects, they must be included in the MDNRE approved Muskegon County Recreation Plan.
We need to hold a public hearing on the amended Recreation Plan to receive comments from the public. Staff requests that the Board establish a public hearing date of February 22, 2011, at the Board of Commissioners meeting.

This is a shock.
First thoughts are:
1. Where they going to get the money?
2. How much did we pay? Was it fair market?
3. How long has this been in the works?
4. What are they going to do with the land.

5. I assume that wilbrant farms paid property taxes. Who makes up the difference?
In the absence of any info from our commissioners, I say this has a smell about it.
scroll to pg. 7

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